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This is a story about teenagers caught up in the dangers of an urban environment after the economic meltdown starting in 2006. Sunny, a prostitute, and Johnny, a drug dealer, fall in love and search for escape from Phoenix: Johnny running from a drug lord and Sunny escaping the grasp of her pimp.

Magdelana: Sara DeAngelo is a doctor turned Private Investigator in this Contemporary Fantasy. In her first case she is drawn into a five hundred year old struggle involving four ghosts resurrected in search of an amulet that will lead them to the lost city, Chanista, a missing treasure and immortality. 

All About Ivy: Ivy Durham is in an asylum, in a coma. Her husband, Jason, is dying of cancer and must find a home for his three children before he passes. Their eight year old son, Mickey, enlists the help of a computer hacker, CyberWolf, to infiltrate a drug manufacturer who he believes is responsible for his parents' dilemma.

Evil in Hockley: Harry Tanner returns to his home in Mono Mills, on leave from the coalition forces in Afghanistan, after his brother is killed in an accident. He believes his brother was murdered and his personal investigation sparks attempts on his life. John Dean, the preacher, and Lenea, a Voodoo priestess clash with Harry as he refuses to drop his enquiry. Part of the story takes place in the old French Quarter of New Orleans.

Lenea and Karma Bastille reprise their roles as Voodoo Priestesses in this sequel to Evil In Hockley. Lenea is at home in the French Quarter of New Orleans where she becomes a bounty hunter. She chases bail jumper Neil Morrow and clashes with a group of urban terrorists centered in Louisiana and Arkansas.

Children in New Orleans are being abducted on their way to school, their captor leaving no trace. Police are baffled so parents call upon a psychic, Marie Bastille, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. She in turn asks her daughters, Voodoo priestesses, Lenea and Karma for aid. A deadly cat and mouse game dvelopes between the Voodoo prietesses, the child abductor, and an urban terrorist, Neil Morrow.

For my tenth novel I chose to do something Canadian and what could be more Canadian than the Avro Arrow Interceptor besides the maple leaf, hockey, or beer. Terrorist and mercenary Sal Berringer selects targets in Ontario, Canada, duping the RCAF and leaving his real target unprotected. The only one standing in his way is rogue pilot Harry Kincaid flying an Avro Arrow, the last one of its kind. What is Berringer's real target? Can Harry stop him with a fifty year old Interceptor?

This is also a romace adventure tale about a young couple Harry Kincaid and Meg Bryant. It is a story about a nation's undying love for a jet plane scrapped by a government fifty years ago.


The Jackie Star Collection consists of Baja Nights, Star Investigations, A Star File, Dangerous Blondes, Final Closure and The Border. Never having known her father Jackie was orphaned at eight years of age when her mother Angel Star, a prostitute, died of a drug overdose. She did two tours of duty in the Middle East then became a Private Investigator in San Diego. She's a black belt and an ex Olympic pistol and rifle marksman but besides being able to fight and shoot she has no other skills. Don't mess with Jackie, her family, friends, or clients is the theme of these stories. If you like Indiana Jones novels then maybe you'll like Star novels as well.


A Viking Tale is an Epic Viking Saga that spans a period of twenty years. Wolf a Norse King is an easy going soul and raids only because his village won't make the coming winter unless he finds a treasure his father spoke of. Fortune smiles on him as the first day on English soil he runs into Lord Sandow and a wagon load of gold. He takes the treasure and Abigail Links the woman the Lord was courting. Abby is thrust into a world not of her own choosing and must find a way to cope. Lord Sandow finds help and pursues Wolf seeking revenge. The first half of the book is a story about Abby and how she takes control of Wolf, the way women do. The second half is about their son and daughter, Rolf and Signe, their loves and lives.

The theme of this story is love: the love a man has for a woman, the love a King has for his people, the love they have for him, and the love a mother has for family. Abby the so called slave is the main focus of this tale from beginning to end. Is she the slave or the master? This story will shatter preconceived notions from beginning to end.

The Ghosts of Kara Keep is a story of arranged marriages in days of old. Women tend to complain about their husbands and bearing that in mind I wrote this tale of a nightmare marriage. Amanda is the kindest, caring woman in the world and Duke Huxley the most sinister anyone could dream of. The epic tale covers three generations including the Invasion of William the Conqueror and his harrying of northern England. Few old families survived as they were enslaved or killed and replaced by French patrons.

Long Ago In China is a tale of greed in the Tang Dynasty of old China. Lian, a Talon warrior, has to save the lives of nine of the Emperor's children from assassins. At sword point she commandeers a boat and a drunken sailor, Chen, to man it. From the first Lian swears she'll kill Chen and almost does a couple of times. Chen and his drunken river pirate friends save Lian's life more than once so she has to relent on her decision to kill the man. It's a tug of war between the two, humorous at times.

Writers see an image of someone in their mind when they cast characters and Xena "The Warrior Princess," was in my mind when I wrote about Lian.

This is the first Book of the Tyhton Trilogy. The Enchantress of Tyhton is a Fantasy about a young woman with the power to control men. Jensen thinks she's stupid and ugly the way a lot of young women do. Along comes the War Wizard Kamahl and overruns Jensen's village. She goes to Siscerly for aid from the Sorceress, Nikita, but finds her busy fighting the war. Nikita does however reveal that Jensen is an Enchantress, the first in a thousand years. Her touch will render a man helpless and can even be lethal. Jensen sets out to find a knight that she believes can save her family and friends. Luckily along the way she meets the witch Katie who becomes her mentor and best friend.

Tales of Tyhton is a Book 2 of the Tyhton trilogy. Tyhton Book 2 furthers the tale as the lives of Jensen's brother, Cory, and her sister, Cassie, lay in the balance after the war wizard's invasion. They are enslaved and the story recounts their struggle for freedom and to find their way home. The war wizard, Kamahl, continues his pursuit to conquer Tyhton.


In Tyhton Book 3 Jensen, the enchantress, and the gifted face the Horde, seventy thousand horsemen of the steppes, who will invade the country taking their hard earned wealth and people as slaves. Jensen, Guardian of The Realm, must find the Dragon Lord to wake the sleeping dragons under the spell of an evil sorceress, Jordan. Jensen is in a savage duel with the immortal sorceress who unleashes magic to annihilate the enchantress.


Non Fiction: The Diet Battlefield: The diet industry reaps billions every year in products and services yet yields little in return. This book explains common mistakes made by dieters and gives healthy alternatives. Set up your own diet regimen using Nature's natural foods. Thumbs down to diet supplements and sweaty workout sessions.

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